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After A While

After a While you learn
The subtle difference between
Holding a hand
And chaining a soul
And you learn that love doesn't
Mean leaning
And company doesn't
Mean security
And you begin to learn
That kisses aren't contracts
And presents aren't promises
And you begin to accept your defeats
With your head up and your eyes ahead
With the grace of a child
And you learn
To build all your roads on today
Because tomorrow's ground
Is too uncertain for plans
And futures have a way of falling
Down in mid-flight
After a while you learn
That even sunshine burns

My Child

The baby blanket
Given to you by a loving friend when you were born
Is now tattered and torn
The fabric mere gossamer now
It held you and kept you warm
It comforted you when you were sad
It was your buddy, your tag-along companion, your confident
It went with you where ever your young life took you
It's all the better for the wear and tear
Now it lays in a box
Along with other memories...
It's served its purpose
To help you grow.
Now it serves another.
Now it is a comfort to me...
A gentle reminder to me
Whenever I hold it close
That you'll always be my little girl

Dream of my Mother

Her face appeared to me in a dream. It was a ghostly face, eyes half-open and showing the whites of the eyes. Though I was not frightened, I was pained with compassion for her. We had wondered all along, during her coma, weather she was experiencing any pain or if it was indeed as the doctor would have us believe, “a walk on the beach” for her.

String of Pearls

A beautiful string of pearls..each day adds another luminescent orb linked together by a life line. How she wears it is reflected in her auora. Does she wear her days strung across her neck with a showy, cocky grin, displaying all she has accumulated over the years? Or does it grace her alabaster neck, rolling over the ridges of her spine, the coolness of the pearls highlighting the pillow softness of her smooth skin and giving a hint of even greater beauty within her soul.


Some thoughts on retirement...
A time to try out new things.. to reflect, challenge oneself by doing something new. Contacting old friends and renewing friendships, spending time with those you love and telling them so.

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