My Child

The baby blanket
Given to you by a loving friend when you were born
Is now tattered and torn
The fabric mere gossamer now
It held you and kept you warm
It comforted you when you were sad
It was your buddy, your tag-along companion, your confident
It went with you where ever your young life took you
It's all the better for the wear and tear
Now it lays in a box
Along with other memories...
It's served its purpose
To help you grow.
Now it serves another.
Now it is a comfort to me...
A gentle reminder to me
Whenever I hold it close
That you'll always be my little girl
Age has no meaning here
That blanket binds us both to the past
And lets me know
That no matter how sophisticated you become
You will always be the bubbly energetic child
Who held out a chubby hand
And I will always be the mom
Who reached out for it.